Communication & Language

  • Listening and attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking


Communication and language is key to all relationships, interactions and learning. By providing opportunities to develop young children’s communication and language skills we are equipping with skills for the future that will support them to achieve their full potential.

At Douglas Valley Nursery School communication and language skills are built in to every stage of the curriculum and across all areas of learning. A communication friendly environment is provided where children have opportunities to communicate verbally and non verbally, where appropriate, and are encouraged to use language for a variety of reasons including naming, classifying, describing, questioning, explaining, listening, using language to express their imaginations and enhance learning.

Children will be provided with experiences to promote a growing vocabulary and fluency and will be encouraged to:

  • Express their thoughts, feelings and experiences
  • Listen to others and talk together in small and larger groups
  • Develop a vocabulary that demonstrates the breath of their experiences and enhances learning
  • Join in confidently with conversations
  • Interact with peers and adults
  • Listen to and join in with stories, songs, poems and rhymes
  • Take part in role play and make up their own stories


The importance of communication and development of language skills is demonstrated by its inclusion across the whole curriculum. Practitioners encourage children to listen and talk in all situations including one-to-one, small groups and larger groups, to adults and to each other, during play and quiet times.

The progress children make in communication, language and literacy is judged against the development matters statements in the Early Years Foundation Stage.