Expressive Art and Design

The development of creativity and the creative process is fundamental to successful learning. It allows children to make connections and extend their understanding. Creative development needs a rich learning environment in which children can explore, respond, express and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways.

Creative development focuses on art, music, role play, dance, imaginative play and thinking and problem solving skills in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments.

At Douglas Valley we provide opportunities for children to be curious, find out and express their responses and ideas using their preferred method. Child initiated creativity is valued by practitioners and they encourage children to extend their learning across areas of learning and areas of provision.

Children will:

  • Explore sound, texture, shape, form and space in 2 and 3 dimensions
  • Be encouraged to experience and respond creatively to what they see, hear, smell, touch and taste
  • Have access to activities and experiences that promote imaginative play
  • Be encouraged to observe and listen through art, music, dance and stories
  • Be provided with an extensive range of resources that allow them to explore, formulate ideas, express their creativity and communicate their feelings
  • Be taught how to use resources and processes such as colour mixing and printing


Practitioners value creativity and the creative process and children have access to a wide range of resources, objects and experiences that stimulate imaginative and creative play in both the indoor and outdoor environments. The areas of continuous provision are planned to allow children to choose and access the resources they need to pursue their ideas and practitioners actively encourage children to extend their learning across different areas of provision.

Practitioners model new skills and introduce appropriate vocabulary to support the creative process, but also follow the children’s lead as they use art, music, dance, role play and imaginative play to produce their own creations. Activities, experiences and resources are provided to assist children to learn to explore using all of their senses and express themselves creatively.

The progress children make in creative development is judged against the development matters statements in the Early Years Foundation Stage.