Partnership With Parents

Mothers and fathers are their child’s first and most important educators, at Douglas Valley we aim to work fully in partnership with mums and dads to ensure their child receives the best quality care and education we can offer. We offer range of opportunities for mums and dads to become involved with the school and to work with us for the benefit of their child.


Each child is allocated a key person when they start at the centre and they are available to speak to parents/carers on an informal basis at the beginning and end of sessions. Parents are welcome to look around the school at any time convenient to staff.

Open days

We hold regular stay and play sessions where mums, dads, grandparents etc. are welcome to join their children, find out what happens in the centre and how they can support their child’s learning and development.

In addition to the stay and play sessions we hold termly open days (3 per year) for pre school children to ensure parents/carers receive regular information regarding their progress.

Parents/carers helping in the school

We welcome parent volunteers in any of our services. Please see your child’s key person or room leader for details. All adults working in the school including volunteers have to have a Criminal Bureau Records check. We will organise this for any of our volunteers.


In order to support our partnership work mums and dads are given a half termly newsletter which contains information and news about the school and centre as a whole and each of the individual services. We also have parents’ notice boards in each of the entrances to the centre.

Additional services

We also host a number of services such as Family Learning, parenting support, mother and toddler group and other support groups through the Children’s Centre.


We value your opinions and encourage parents/carers to input into the development of our services. At regular intervals throughout the year we ask parents/carers for their thoughts and ideas on various aspects of the service we offer.