Under 3s

Our Under 3s service consists of sessional provision for 2-3 year olds.

The most important aspect of our under 3’s provision is the relationship between the staff and the children and their families. The key person works with and observes their key children carefully in order to get to know them better and build up positive relationships with both the child and their family. These observations are also used to plan for children’s individual needs and their next developmental steps.

The learning environments inthe Under 3s provision are designed to support children’s developmental and learning needs and our children are offered a variety of interesting, fun and stimulating activities and experiences. They are able to access these opportunities in both our indoor and outdoor environments.

Children learn best by making discoveries, this is achieved when they have opportunities to make choices by themselves and to investigate toys and objects that interest them. Children are encouraged to explore the world through heuristic play using a variety of tactile experiences which are chosen to give them opportunities to make positive discoveries without feeling failure or disappointment.